Skin Smells like chlorine

January 04, 2013


Skin smells like chlorine?


Every day we come across complaints like these, which we found on Twitter today:

  • "I've had a shower and a bath today and I can still smell chlorine on my skin"
  • "I can still smell the chlorine on my skin."
  • "I swear I scrub off at least 3 layers of skin in the shower and still manage to smell like chlorine"
It may sound simple, but the reason that your skin smells like chlorine is because you are still covered in chlorine.  Chlorine bonds to your skin and doesn't wash away with regular showering.  It gets stuck there.  Because it lingers on your skin, you may notice that you smell like chlorine for days after swimming.  The smell is usually most powerful during a subsequent workout (when you sweat) or if you get wet, such as in the rain or a later shower.
Interestingly, many people love the smell of chlorine because it reminds them of their enjoyable experiences in the pool. However, regardless of your feelings towards the smell, you should get the chlorine off of your body because it continues to damage your hair and skin long after swimming.  Consider this: as long as you smell, you are covered in chlorine -- and as long as you are covered in chlorine, it will be damaging your hair and skin.
Fortunately, eliminating chlorine from your hair and skin is extremely simple.  Using a concentrated pH-balanced solution of vitamin C (such as SwimSpray) will eliminate the chlorine on contact.  You will notice immediately that the chlorine smell disappears.  And that means that you are no longer covered in chlorine.

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