Where to Buy SwimSpray in the UK

Buying SwimSpray in Europe

The United Kingdom continues to show high levels of interest in SwimSpray.  Our website gets more traffic from London than any other city on the planet.  We can only guess that this attention the result of some of the high-profile British athletes that have endorsed our product.  For example, Olympic synchronized swimming stars Jenna Randall and Asha Randall  have been extremely supportive (see photos at left).  Jenna even gave us an endorsement last year in an interview about her beauty secrets.  

We have also enjoyed the support of Harriet Lee, the European record holder in the S9 100m Breaststroke.

For whatever the reason, people in the UK seem particularly interested in getting the lingering chlorine off of their hair and skin after swimming.  And this benefit is exactly why we invented SwimSpray.  SwimSpray is the only product that actually works to completely eliminate chlorine after swimming.

Until recently, our UK customers needed to place international orders, with high shipping fees and import duties.  Thanks to the efforts of some athletes in the UK, who have helped us track down potential retail partners, we can finally say that SwimSpray is available in Europe.  We have now partnered with MailSports, who will ship to customers throughout Europe.

Now, swimmers in the UK can enjoy swimming without carrying around the lingering chlorine odor and irritation for days after leaving the pool.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us make the connection with MailSports!


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