SwimSpray was Invented by Swimmers for Swimmers

Does chlorine damage your hair and skin?  SwimSpray removes chlorine after swimming.

Our Story . . .

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne invented SwimSpray in 2010, because the chlorine from swimming pools was driving him crazy:  “After swimming, I would ooze chlorine all day long.  I felt like I was coated in a film of bleach.  My skin was dry and itchy.  My hair felt like straw.”

Dr. Chadeayne has been a swimmer his entire life.  He was swimming for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Northern Westchester throughout high school and then for Princeton University.  He recalls, “I just assumed that chlorine was part of the sport.” 

Like many swimmers, Dr. Chadeayne wasn’t bothered by the smell of chlorine:  “I actually liked the smell, because it reminded me of swimming.” 

However, after earning his PhD in chemistry from Cornell University he became concerned about what that chlorine smell meant:  “You smell like chlorine, because you are covered in chlorine.  It’s like walking around covered in bleach all day.  That’s not good for you.” 

Solving Chlorine Problems

Dr. Chadeayne solved swimmers’ chlorine problems by using his chemistry background: “I thought about what chlorine was doing to my body.  Then I searched for solutions that would neutralize the chlorine bonded to my hair and skin.  I wanted it to be healthy, so I started experimenting with all-natural solutions.”

After several months of testing, Dr. Chadeayne arrived at a unique vitamin C formulation.  His wife named it SwimSpray.  “At first, I only shared it with my friends.  But soon, we all noticed that SwimSpray was really amazing.  The chlorine smell was 100% gone.  Our hair felt soft.  Our skin stopped itching.  It was absolutely incredible - a night and day difference.  That’s when we realized that we should share the formula with other swimmers.” 

By Swimmers - For Swimmers 

Dr. Chadeayne joined up with several of his former Princeton Swimming and Diving teammates to turn his invention into a commercial product.  “SwimSpray is truly a product of the swimming family - we are invented, founded, owned, and operated by swimmers.”

SwimSpray has received widespread praise, because it solves swimmers’ number one problem with the sport - chlorine.  “I think people just gave up on this problem,” says Dr. Chadeayne, “Swimmers’ shampoos have been notoriously ineffective since I was a little kid.  Once folks use SwimSpray, they are shocked at the difference.”

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