SwimSpray Eliminates Chlorine from Hair and Skin

Swimmer's Haircare and Skincare - Eliminating Chlorine

Now swimmers can enjoy the pool without worrying about the side-effects of pool chemicals. SwimSpray completely eliminates chlorine from hair and skin with a new vitamin C technology.  In contrast to traditional "swimmers shampoos," SwimSpray actually works.  Chlorine removal shampoos leave lingering chlorine (aka chloramines) behind.  But SwimSpray completely eliminates the chlorine. The difference is noticeable after one use because the swimmer's chlorine odor disappears.  SwimSpray is a step forward for swimmers' haircare and skincare because it neutralizes all of the lingering chlorine that other swimmers' haircare and skincare products leave behind.




Swimming in Chlorine

Swimmers require special haircare and skincare products because they are exposed to pool chemicals, generally referred to as chlorine.  The water in swimming pools, hot tubs, and water parks is chlorinated. Swimming in chlorine produces some unwanted side-effects.  Chlorine damages swimmers’ hair, making it dry, brittle, smelly, and discolored (e.g., faded or green).  It also irritates swimmers’ skin, making it dry, smelly, and itchy.  Some swimmers report having chlorine allergies, which arise from contacting chlorine.



Remedy for Swimmers' Hair & Skin

SwimSpray is an anti-chlorine spray, which removes chlorine from swimmers’ hair and skin.  Our scientists discovered that most of chlorine’s undesirable side effects are due to residual chlorine that lingers on a swimmer’s hair and skin after swimming.  SwimSpray's vitamin C treatment washes away all of the chlorine.  See SwimSpray's Story.




Eliminate Chlorine Odor

For years swimmers have complained of “always smelling like chlorine.”  SwimSpray’s inventor, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne hypothesized that this lingering smell of chlorine signifies the presence of residual chlorine.  As he describes it, “you smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine."  SwimSpray eliminates the cause of a swimmer's chlorine odor - residual chlorine on her hair and skin.


Use SwimSpray in the Shower

Based on the principle that chlorine chemically bonds to human hair and skin, SwimSpray has developed a new, patent-pending technology--washing residual chlorine away from hair and skin. SwimSpray is sprayed onto hair and skin in the shower, just prior to using other products. SwimSpray is all-natural and fragrance-free.  It is safe to use on kids.  According to product reviews, SwimSpray works surprisingly well after just one use, completely eliminating the residual chlorine and lingering odor.

See How to Use SwimSpray

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