SwimSpray Science Challenge Question

January 23, 2016

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How Many Bottles of Traditional Anti-Chlorine Shampoo Does it Take to Provide the Chlorine-Killing Power in One Bottle of SwimSpray?

Recently, I've been helping my friend with his daughter's science experiment.  Because I love science, this has led me to come up with a bunch of fun science problems.  I thought I'd see if anyone can answer this question about SwimSpray.  I would say it's a challenging high school chemistry problem.  I will send the first person to get each question correct a science related gift -- one of my favorite things.


  1. Assume that one Liter of SwimSpray has 1 mole of vitamin C.
  2. Note that 1 bottle of SwimSpray has 6 oz of this 1M vitamin C solution.
  3. Assume that you experimentally determine that 1 Liter of anti-chlorine shampoo (like UltraSwim, Malibu, TriSwim, etc) will neutralize 0.0155 moles of Iodine.  See Hints below for information about Iodine Titrations.
  4. Assume that the bottle of anti-chlorine shampoo has 8 oz of solution.


  1. How many 8 oz bottles of the anti-chlorine shampoo would you need to neutralize the same amount of iodine that you can neutralize with one 6 oz bottle of SwimSpray?
  2. Assuming that the 8 oz bottle of shampoo costs $10, how much would it cost to neutralize the same amount of iodine that you can neutralize with one 6 oz bottle of SwimSpray?


    • Think about how many moles of antioxidant (aka reductant) are required to neutralize one mole of iodine.  See Iodometry
    • Don't forget to account for the volumes when answering the question.

       *** Submit your answers (or questions about the problems) in the comments section.  I will track down the winner(s) so that I can send you your science-related prizes.  Good luck!


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      michelle tang

      September 07, 2016

      #1: about 48.4 bottles of anti-chlorine shampoo
      #2: about $484

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