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February 10, 2014

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SwimSpray Reviews - This stuff works!

In the past year, we have had the good fortune of receiving some celebrity acclaim for our product.  Nevertheless, my favorite quotes come from people giving us their first impression after using SwimSpray.  With tens of thousands of bottles in distribution, we have never been told that SwimSpray doesn’t work.  For the most part, people who try SwimSpray are excited about how well it does work.  Below are my favorite 10 quotes, capturing this reaction:


"Several tests later and your product rocks! No chlorine smell, no chlorine scale, no chlorine anything! It works and it works well!" - Dale Y.


"My daughter tried this product for the first time a couple of days ago.  I have to say that the advertisements are really true - SwimSpray really does work!  You couldn't smell the chlorine on her hair at all.  If you hadn't known that she had just finished swim practice, you never would have been able to tell!  We have tried other shampoos & such that claimed to eliminate the chlorine odor, but none of them worked.  This one does!" - Stephanie E.


"My girls swim 6 days a week, and my son and I swim 1-2 days a week. One of my daughters used to feel quite itchy after swimming, even after using a chlorine removal shampoo even on her body. Now none of that happens! We all use it, our hair is not so dry, none of us smell like the pool, and none of us are itchy. Folks at the pool ask us what we're using and we tell them." - Kristi D.


"My daughter has been using it with great success.  The irritation to her skin and eyes after swimming is much reduced and she is back training again so thank you."   - Louise H.


"I have to say, it really works!  After I use this product as directed, I can no longer smell the skin feels great and doesn’ t itch!   The spray really does more than just soap and lotion alone by removing the chemical." - Kaffrinn (from SwimOutlet Review)


"I just got back home after speaking with the parents [on our team] and I have to tell you, your product works great. Not one person had anything negative to say about it other than The sample I gave them was too small. About four kids also used it over their body and reported that it also took the smell and dryness/itching away.  Very impressive too! ... I believe you have a great product. I'm glad you gave us the opportunity to try it out." - William R.


My son swam all day today and just used SwimSpray in the shower for the first time. His hair smells like shampoo and his skin smells like soap - for the first time ever! And, he's always complained of itchy skin all summer and just said "weird, my skin doesn't itch." Yay!" -  Mary L.


I brought the bottle with me here to the Indy grand Prix- I always get so raw and my skin hurts at meets…. It was great!!!  I wasn't itchy and dry all day after wards and I didn't smell"  - Dana V.


"Just tried it and it's awesome! Thx so much! What a great idea/product." - Janet E.


"I wanted to thank you for inventing this stuff.  It's the only thing that works for me.  I've tried everything else.  I'm telling everyone I know at my Masters swim club." - Dave S. 

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Catherine Kohn

March 22, 2014

I love this product! I have tried every “chlorine removal” shampoo on the market over 25 of Masters swimming, and none of them have removed the chlorine from my skin and hair until SwimSpray. I thank you for inventing this product!

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