"Reaction to Chlorine"

February 16, 2014


Reaction to Chlorine - Question from a Swimmer.

We just received this question about a reaction to chlorine:

"I have a terrible reaction to chlorine in the shower and in the pool. So my question is will swim spray help both of these problems? I would really love to know because I’ve had this problem, especially on my legs, for years now and would really love to get rid of it. Please and Thank You! 


Yes, I believe that SwimSpray will help with your chlorine problems.  (Technically these may be described as chloramine problems but most people simply use the word chlorine).  As you have noticed, chlorine reacts with hair and skin.  It does not wash away with normal showering.  Rather, it leaves behind a film of lingering chlorine.  That residual chlorine is very difficult to wash away and continues to damage the swimmer's hair and skin long after the swimmer leaves the pool. The lingering chlorine is probably the cause of your problems.  

Most of the chlorine problems that swimmers experience are due to residual chlorine.  Lingering chlorine can be easily recognized by its distinctive odor.  Often people report "reeking of chlorine" or "sweating chlorine" despite showering with conventional shower products.  For example, here are just a few examples of people describing the chlorine smell phenomenon.

I am a lifelong swimmer.  For most of my life, I dealt with the unwanted side-effects of chlorine.  My hair and skin certainly had a reaction to chlorine.  But, I did not think I could do anything about it.  

Fortunately, we now have an answer.  SwimSpray completely eliminates lingering chlorine.  Getting rid of the lingering chlorine feels much better.  Any unwanted reactions to chlorine subside because you wash the chlorine away.  It may sound obvious, but washing the caustic chemicals off of your skin prevents irritation.

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May 13, 2014

What happens if the tap water has chlorine in it? How does it help to spray swim spray, then wash off with water that has chlorine in it too??

I’m highly sensitive to all types of chlorination. My eyes start running and become completely red, just being near chlorine coming out of a pool or even the shower, sink, laundry, wherever it is. I can sense it from more than 50 feet away. When I swim, my eyes stay red, for 12 hours or more and often continue to tear up during that time.

Kris Smith

March 11, 2014

Just started using Swim Spray after being diagnosed with contact dermatitis from pool chemicals. Yes, it works! My skin is clear for the first time in a long time. Thanks!

Elizabeth Dog

March 10, 2014

I am “allergic” to chlorine and was wondering if this would help so I don’t have these stupid rashes anymore.

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