Helping SwimSpray Help Swimmers

February 17, 2014

Help Teach Swimmers to Eliminate Chlorine

As you know, SwimSpray, LLC sells a new vitamin C spray, which gets the chlorine (technically chloramines) off of hair and skin after swimming. Normally, the chlorine doesn’t wash away in the shower because regular soap/shampoo don’t break chlorine’s bond to hair.  For swimmers bothered by side-effects of chlorine exposure, SwimSpray is wonderfully helpful, lessening the symptoms after one use.  My point: we actually help people.

SwimSpray is presently working on building awareness for this technology.  One important way to build awareness is participate in the real-time conversation on the web.  Everyday new content about these topics pops up on the web: chlorine, hair+chlorine, skin+chlorine, swimming+chlorine, hair+swimming, skin+swimming.

We would appreciate your help responding to web conversations (blogs, news, product reviews, etc) about the above topics.  We aren’t looking to spam anyone. The point isn’t to try to sell the product.  Rather, we are simply hoping to inform people that we have discovered a much better way to wash away chlorine.  

We are confident that people bothered by lingering chlorine will want to know that there is an easy, all-natural way to wash it off.  For people bothered by chlorine, this information is incredibly valuable.  Many people feel that there is nothing that can save them from chlorine related side-effects.  Using SwimSpray saves them from some very irritating hair and skin problems.  

If you are willing to help SwimSpray, please join the conversation.  Teach people how to eliminate chlorine from hair and skin after swimming.  Help educate swimmers about SwimSpray’s new technology.  Help us educate swimmers that they have a choice when it comes to lingering chlorine-- Now they can use vitamin C to wash the chlorine away.

HOW: When chlorine comes up in conversation, ask people if they know about SwimSpray.  Let them know how it works. (see video below)   If you are super motivated, you can also seek out existing conversations by searching the web for recent posts about chlorine&hair or chlorine&skin.  Where SwimSpray's technology is relevant, join the conversation and let people know.

Another thing that helps a lot is sending us with your testimonial about SwimSpray.  No one want to see an advertisement.  But, people seeking information about chlorine would be interested in your story.  If you would be willing to share your thoughts about swimming, chlorine, or SwimSpray, we would appreciate it. Please send text, photos, or video to us at  

Lastly, providing customer reviews on the site where you purchase SwimSpray would be incredibly helpful.  For example, if you buy SwimSpray through Amazon, please take a moment to review the product on Amazon.  Same goes for SwimOutlet and other online sites that allow feedback about the product.

Thanks for your help!

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