Why does SwimSpray turn a little yellow over time?

March 12, 2014


SwimSpray Color Change and Shelf Life

We have received a few questions about the shelf life of SwimSpray and how it relates to the shelf life of the product.  In short, SwimSpray will last for years when stored properly.  (Don't open the bottles, keep it reasonably cool whenever possible).  However, the solution will pick up a slightly yellow/amber color.  This is completely natural.  The product remains 100% effective.  The product remains 100% safe.

SwimSpray Turning Slightly Yellow Over Time

SwimSpray is 100% natural.  It's principle ingredient is vitamin C.  We have adjusted the pH and concentration to provide a safe and effective way to neutralize chlorine.   

The exact same chemical properties that make vitamin C so useful in neutralizing chlorine also make the vitamin C reactive with the oxygen in regular air.  For this reason, our instructions require spraying SwimSpray onto hair and skin during the showering process.  This way, the SwimSpray is separated from oxygen while in the bottle; Then, the user distributes the product onto the hair and skin where it works to neutralize the chlorine.

SwimSpray All Natural

SwimSpray Remains Safe and Effective Despite Color Change

The small amount of yellowing that happens to SwimSpray over time happens because small amounts of oxygen get into the bottle during our manufacturing process and also upon dispensing the product.  We use a significant excess of vitamin C, so that the small amount of oxidation does not result in any decrease in effectiveness.  The only observable effect is a slight yellowing of the product.  Here, a small amount of color goes a long way--accordingly, just a little reaction with oxygen will result in a noticeable yellowing color.  That yellow color will cause the SwimSpray to look a little like light beer or cream soda.

Do NOT open the bottles.

The SwimSpray technology is designed to keep vitamin C stable for years, when stored and used properly.  One important part of this technology is keeping the formula free from oxygen in the air.  This is why SwimSpray is provided in a PET bottle, which is known to work as a barrier against oxygen.  This is also the reason that SwimSpray is dispensed via a a spray pump, which minimizes contact with air.  Opening the bottles or removing SwimSpray from the bottles exposes the formula to air, which will cause it to degrade much faster.  This is the same reason that wine, orange juice, milk, and other all-natural products are stored in air-tight containers prior to use.  The same technology that acts on chlorine will act on oxygen.


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