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April 10, 2014


SwimSpray is a Value-Priced Vitamin C Serum

Why doesn't everyone use SwimSpray?  I ask myself this question often.  As I see it, using SwimSpray after swimming provides a substantial health benefit with absolutely zero downside.  Treating your skin with vitamin C is unquestionably good for you.  Rinsing with vitamin C after swimming is especially beneficial.  Why? Because it neutralizes the chloramines that stick to hair and skin after swimming.

One big reason that people hesitate to use SwimSpray is the price.  At $12-15 per bottle, we have been told that SwimSpray is a "luxury" shampoo.  Next to a $4 shampoo, I understand this concern. If we were in the shampoo business, SwimSpray would probably be a luxury shampoo.  But, SwimSpray is not a shampoo.  

Shampoos aren't designed to remove chlorine. They don't have the right ingredients for removing chlorine.  They are only relevant to the conversation because they say "chlorine removal" on the bottle.  In terms of weighing the value of these shampoos, I think the correct analysis should focus on the value of ineffectively removing chlorine.

SwimSpray is effective because it provides a high concentration of vitamin C to the user.  SwimSpray actually provides more vitamin C than most vitamin C serums.  Check out Amazon's listing of vitamin C serums.

So, I think recognizing that SwimSpray is different from shampoos clears up a great deal of confusion about SwimSpray's value.  We're not a shampoo at all.  We don't even have soap or lather.  But, unlike any shampoos, SwimSpray administers a vitamin C serum for about $3 per ounce.  

Now, comparing SwimSpray's value to your typical vitamin C serum paints an interesting picture. SwimSpray is an unbelievable value for vitamin C serums.  Vitamin C serums are about $30+ per ounce, which is 10 times SwimSpray's price. I can see the headline now: In an effort to save swimmers from the adverse effects of swimming in chlorine, SwimSpray brings low cost vitamin C serums to the swimming masses.



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