Chlorinated Skin - Pool Chemicals

July 17, 2014


Chlorinated Skin from Pool Chlorine

The media often overlooks the fact that chlorine in pools chemically bonds to hair and skin.  The skin becomes chlorinated. Swimmers' exposure to chlorine does not end after leaving the pool.  Rather, swimmers' skin becomes chlorinated while they are swimming.  (Our article on Pool Chlorine and Skin has a photo showing the difference).  In sum, pool chemicals form a chloramine film on your skin.  That choramine film does not wash away with soaps.  

Soap is the wrong chemical for eliminating that layer of chlorinated skin.  Soap is meant for washing away dirt and grime.  Chlorinated skin is a completely different problem.  Soap is not the answer to the chlorinated skin problem.

Treat Chlorinated Skin with Vitamin C

Vitamin C turns out to be the right chemical for washing the chlorine off of hair and skin.  But, you must get the concentration and the pH correct.  Otherwise, "dissolving vitamin C in water" produces a very acidic solution, which will degrade quickly and irritate skin.  Simply dissolving vitamin C in water produces a solution that is more acidic than vinegar or lemon juice.  Washing your skin at that pH can strip the oils away.

SwimSpray provides exactly the correct concentration and pH of vitamin C.  

Vitamin C De-Chlorinates Chlorinated Skin

The lingering chlorine layer on skin can be easily washed away with vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant.  The lingering chlorine layer is oxidized skin.  Treating the oxidized skin with sufficient antioxidant neutralizes the lingering chlorine.  You can tell the difference by smell.  

Skin covered in lingering chlorine smells like chlorine. (Really the smell is from "chloramines" but that's another topic). First time SwimSpray users notice that their normal chlorine odor vanishes after the first use.  See Testimonials.  The disappearance of that chemical ("chlorine") odor is probably the easiest way to appreciate that vitamin C eliminates chlorine from skin.

About the Author, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne is a lifelong swimming and PhD chemist.  He was the first to understand the "lingering chlorine" phenomenon and develop a formula for eliminating chloramines from hair and skin.  Here is a video explaining his story.

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