Skin Absorbs Chlorine

December 18, 2014

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Chlorine Absorbed by Skin

If you search for "chlorine" on Youtube, you will find the video below.  The video is offered to show that skin absorbs chlorine:

Here are my thoughts as a chemist:

  • Contacting chlorine with the hand definitely eliminates the chlorine from the glass of water.
  • This experiment does not show that the chlorine is absorbed by the hand.  For example, the hand may have oils or materials that neutralize the chlorine without that chlorine being absorbed.

Chlorine Absorption by Hair and Skin

As it turns out, other scientists have shown that chlorine is absorbed by hair and skin. The phenomenon has been called "chlorine cover" because the chlorine reacts with the hair and skin, covering it in chlorine.  We often refer to this as lingering chlorine or residual chlorine.

Soaps and shampoos do not wash away the chlorine.  Swimmers notice this because regular showering doesn't get rid of their chlorine odor.

The answer for eliminating that chlorine from your hair and skin is rinsing with SwimSpray.  Here's how to use SwimSpray:

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