Recap of SwimSpray at USSSA Spring Workshop

March 18, 2015


Twice per year, I enjoy attending the United States Swim School Association’s conference. The conference is small and intimate. Everyone loves to talk about swimming, and the members of the USSSA are welcoming and friendly. After just four conferences, I feel like I have made some true friends and colleagues. This year I was happy to attend the conference with one of SwimSpray’s new sales rep, Aimee Schmitt. Together, we answered all sorts of questions about SwimSpray and chlorine-related side effects.

Sales Rep Aimee Schmitt

This year, the highlight of my conference experience was working with our new sales representative, Aimee Schmitt. When Aimee and I met, we learned that I had actually been a longtime fan of Aimee. She was a member of the 1989 National Championship Stanford Women’s swim team. During that era, I was at the height of being a swim nerd, so I was actually a fan of Aimee and her teammates before there was really such a thing as swimming fans. Because of this connection we spent hours talking about late 80’s and early 90’s swimmers: Tom Jager, Matt Biondi, Dan Veatch, Jenny Thompson, etc.

I am excited to have Aimee on the SwimSpray team, because she understands the benefits of using SwimSpray. As a lifelong swimmer, Aimee understands the side effects of chlorine. And, as a mother of two girls, Aimee is anxious to save her kids from the side effects of chlorine.

What did everyone think of SwimSpray?

Over the course of two days, we had the opportunity to speak with most of the conference attendees. I think that people fell into one of two categories: (1) Skeptics and (2) Advocates. People who have tried SwimSpray would point to us from across the floor, “Your stuff works!” In stark contrast, others had never heard of SwimSpray and were cautious of trying a new technology.

The most common questions were “how do I use SwimSpray;” “is it safe;” and, “can I buy it by the barrel?”

How do I use SwimSpray? Spray about 30 sprays on your body after swimming; then rinse it off. To be specific, we recommend using SwimSpray in between the rinsing and shampooing steps of traditional showering. That allows the user to spread the SwimSpray around with the lather of their shampoo. However, many variations would work, provided that the swimmer sprays 20-30 sprays on their hair and skin after swimming, and then rinses it out.

Is SwimSpray Safe? In terms of safety, I sprayed SwimSpray in my mouth. Although we don’t hold ourselves out to be a food product, SwimSpray is made with food-grade vitamin C. In terms of safety, you really don’t need to worry about accidentally ingesting it. Worst case scenario, you get some extra vitamin C.

Yes, I always smell like chlorine! Everyone seemed to understand the problem that we address. The USSSA attendees appreciated both the lingering smell of chlorine and the side effects of chlorine exposure. The severity of side effects varied. Some reported severely cracked and irritated skin. Others reported only mildly inconvenient dryness. Swim instructors seemed most affected by chlorine, presumably because they spend the most time in the pool.

Why do I smell like chlorine?

Many of the people we spoke with had trouble connecting (a) smelling like chlorine with (b) having chlorine present on their bodies. I think this “lingering chlorine” phenomenon is one of the most difficult concepts, because it asks for people to comprehend that something invisible (chlorine) is nonetheless present on their skin. Aimee found the “lick test” to be a useful teaching aid. “Lick your hand. Does it smell/taste like chlorine? That’s because you still have chlorine on your hair and skin.” This is actually a very accurate tool. Human smell is fairly sensitive to chlorine. Swimmers can immediately observe SwimSpray’s chlorine neutralizing ability by comparing how their skin smells after using SwimSpray versus normal showering.

Congratulations to Ann Marie and the Hubbard Swim School Another highlight of my weekend was raffling off an iPad Mini, because it made people really excited about visiting our booth. I was also really happy when Ann Marie from the Hubbard Swim School won the iPad. It was her birthday the day before.

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