Is SwimSpray Safe to Use on My Face?

April 06, 2015


SwimSpray is Safe For Your Face

We've recently received some questions about whether SwimSpray is safe for regular use on the face.  The answer: ABSOLUTELY.  SwimSpray is completely safe for external use -- all over your body.

SwimSpray Helps Chlorine "Burn" on the Face

Chlorine FaceNot only is SwimSpray safe for using on the face; SwimSpray also provides significant benefits for a swimmers face.  Here's why:

  • The skin on the face is some of the most sensitive skin on a person's body.
  • The skin on the face also experiences considerable stretching and movement because we use the face to express our emotions.
  • When the face gets dry and irritated from chlorine, swimmers may experience more discomfort than other areas of the body, such as the legs or arms.

Some swimmers illustrate their face-related chlorine problems by opening their mouth wide in a yawning posture.  This causes significant discomfort for people experiencing chlorine burn on the face.

Go Ahead, Spray SwimSpray on your Face

To avoid chlorine related side effects on the face, apply SwimSpray after exposure to chlorinated water.  It will neutralize the residual chlorine from your face immediately.  Then, rinse it off.  Here's more on How to Use SwimSpray.

Notably, SwimSpray is pH balanced to be gentle on your face and eyes.

If your face is already dry and burned from the chorine, you may want to also apply a lotion after using SwimSpray.

Other Benefits of Using SwimSpray on the Face

SwimSpray is a concentrated pH-balanced vitamin C spray.  Vitamin C has been shown to have numerous benefits besides eliminating chlorine.  For example, vitamin C eliminates "free radicals" and also provides "anti-aging" properties.  Even for those people not plagued by chlorine side-effect, SwimSpray is the world's most economical vitamin C serum.

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