Time Magazine Publishes Images of Chlorinated Babies

April 10, 2015


Time Magazine's Photos of Chlorinated Babies 

 Sometimes I feel like my background as a chemist gives me a warped view of the world.  Today was one of those times.  When I saw Time Magazine's publication on "Adorable Babies Swimming Underwater," the first thing I thought about was the chlorine.  These are great images.  But, the kids in

Seth Casteel's photos are getting chlorinated so that Time can have cute pictures.  Is anyone stepping up and washing the chlorine off of them?  I feel like the babies would appreciate having the chlorine washed off their bodies.

Baby + Chlorine = Chlorinated Baby

Without any question, putting a baby in a chlorinated pool results in a chlorinated baby.  This is well established chemistry.  See "What's the Chlorine Problem." Any parent can test for chlorine by smelling the baby.  After the pool, a baby smells like chlorine.  The baby's hair smells like chlorine.  The baby's skin smells like chlorine.  The baby's suit smells like chlorine.  Even after washing with soap and shampoo.... the baby smells like chlorine.

Why?  The answer is painfully simple.  Your baby smells like chlorine because your baby is covered in a layer of chlorine.  I know, this isn't fun to think about.  But, it doesn't really help to ignore this fact.  Ignoring the chlorine doesn't make the problem go away.  Fortunately, there is no reason to ignore the problem because there is a simple, healthy solution.  What could be easier and healthier than vitamin C?

How to De-chlorinate Your Baby.

Vitamin C.  The answer is so painfully simple.  And there are zero side-effects to washing the chlorine off of your baby with vitamin C.  You can notice the health benefits immediately because your baby will smell like a baby instead of a bottle of bleach.  Here's how it works.  (Photo at left by Mike Lewis at Ola Vista Photography)

The vitamin C should be concentrated and pH-balanced, so that it works effectively without irritating the hair, eyes, and skin.  (Do NOT just just pour vitamin C on your child.  Do NOT pour orange juice on your child).  You should use a concentrated, pH-balanced, buffered solution.  SwimSpray sells a solution that is ready to use.


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