Chloe Sutton's 8 Reasons Why it's Fun to Date a Distance Swimmer

April 17, 2015


Why it's fun to date a distance swimmer

The girl that’s the first in and last out of the pool has a lot of special qualities that translate well to being excellent relationship material. I might be biased, but distance swimmers are awesome. There are a lot of reasons why you should look under the cap and goggles and get to know a girl who loves distance swimming.

Chloe Sutton - Clean without the Chlorine

1. They go the distance!

 Endurance is a trait that translates from in the pool to the deck of life. The type of girl who swims long distance isn’t going to give up easily. They’re going to be willing to work through any struggle. In fact, when the going gets tough, that’s when they get going! Distance swimmers are in it for the long haul and quitting isn’t an option as long as you’re willing to match the commitment.

2. They smell really clean!

 You don’t know where that non-swimmer has been! She could be covered in germs! Thanks to all the chlorine from the hours in the pool, a distance swimmers’ whole body is very clean and germ free. She may still be a swimmer, but since SwimSpray removes the chlorine and chlorinated smell, all that’s left is fresh and clean from head to toe!

3. You don’t have to entertain them very much!

 Can you imagine how boring it can be to swim continuously for hours on end? Distance swimmers are going to get so excited to do anything! It’s very easy to plan a fun filled date night because anything is going to be more exciting than practice. The simplest things will be so exciting for a distance girl. That’s good news for your wallet!

4. They’re strong! 

No more opening pickle jars for weak little girls with no muscle tone. Distance swimmers are long and strong so they can handle their pickle jars on their own. The massive strength does come along with a good set of wings so hopefully you’re a guy who’s into a set of nice toned shoulders.

5. Low maintenance!

Distance swimmers usually have pretty sore shoulders, so spending an hour holding your arms over your head to do your hair is out of the question most of the time. Also, why put on a bunch of makeup when you’re just going to be getting in the pool again in a few hours? Distance girls can get dressed up when they need to, but they’re cool with a cute messy bun and a touch of makeup for a weeknight hang out so you won’t have to wait hours for her to finish getting ready!

6. Endurance!

Distance swimmers have that endurance so they can dance all night long! With such a solid aerobic base, dropping it low on the dance floor for hours upon hours is nothing. They probably won’t even get their heart rate up! The only challenge for you is to try to keep up.

7. Rhythm

Speaking of dancing, distance swimmers are great dancers. Freestyle is a very rhythmic stroke that takes a great deal of coordination and timing. With all that training to listen to the rhythm of our stroke, distance swimmers can take over the dance floor with our impressive new dance move: the flipturn.

8. Intellectual 

During a set of 8x1000, distance swimmers have a lot of time to think. The thoughts that go through your head during a set like that tend to go off into very deep places. Distance swimmers have time to ponder the meaning of life and their place in the universe. This can lead to excellent conversation and deep discussions. You’ll never be bored with the topics a distance swimmer comes up with.

I’m sure after reading this article you’re thinking to yourself, “Where do I find this perfect creature?” I don’t blame you. Quickly, head to your closest pool! They’re probably there right now just waiting for their prince charming to hoist them out of the water and into the sunset. Just be sure to wait until they’ve finished their practice… and gotten some recovery food.

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David Warren

April 17, 2015

Hi Chloe, I would be glad to take you out on a date if you give me a chance!


April 17, 2015

Ok you sold me, when can we go out? The way you look in that photo I dont cate what you do, so pretty.

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