3 Reasons to Use SwimSpray on Color Treated Hair After Swimming

May 26, 2015


Color Treated Hair and Chlorine

We often get questions as to whether SwimSpray is safe and effective for color treated hair.  The answer: YES, absolutely.  SwimSpray is the single best thing to use on your color treated hair for at least the 3 reasons below.  For tips on how to keep hair as healthy as possible, please see our article on how to protect hair from chlorine.

1. SwimSpray Prevents Damage to Color Treated Hair

Chlorine bonds to hairSwimSpray is the only hair product on the market that instantly neutralizes chlorine.  Normally, chlorine bonds to hair and continues to damage the hair for days.  Because "chlorine" is the same chemical as commercial bleach, this damage includes bleaching (or fading) of color.  By neutralizing the chlorine immediately after swimming, SwimSpray stops the harmful effects the moment you spray it on.

2. SwimSpray Prevents Unexpected Color

Normally, swimming in chlorine leaves a deposit of chlorine on the hair.  That chlorine doesn't wash away with normal showering (soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.).  Accordingly, swimmers often go to their colorist with chlorine-covered hair.  Aside from the smell and embarrassing comments from your colorist, that chlorine also chemically affects some color treatments. As a result, the chlorine in your hair affects the end-product of the color treatment.  Swimmers often report that the color they get isn't exactly what they wanted.  By using SwimSpray before the color treatment, a swimmer can prevent chlorine from reacting with the color treatment and negatively impacting the desired result.  In the words of expert colorists, SwimSpray will help the color treatment come through "true."

3. SwimSpray Doesn't Strip Color

Often people with color-treated hair worry that their hair products could strip the color from the hair.  SwimSpray does not strip color from hair.  We formulated SwimSpray to be the safest, least harmful product possible.  Our product is made of the purest water and vitamin C to prevent any unwanted side-effects on color-treated hair.  Because SwimSpray is free from alcohol, soaps, and other problem chemicals, swimmers can rest assured that they are doing good (and only good) for their color-treated hair.


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