Test Your "Anti-Chlorine" Shampoo, Soap, or Body Wash

June 01, 2015


Recently, we have had a few questions about what makes a product an "anti-chlorine" product. We have learned that many companies equate a product's ability to neutralize chlorine with that product's ability to remove green color from hair.  This is not true. Eliminating chlorine is very different from eliminating green color.  See here

Some "swimmers shampoos" are designed to eliminate green color from hair with chemicals like EDTA.  Often, these copper-sequestering ingredients are confused with ingredients that neutralize chlorine.  So how can you be sure that a product that claims to eliminate chlorine actually neutralizes chlorine? 

Test Your Anti-Chlorine Product

Anyone can test a product's chlorine neutralizing ability.  


Here's how:

  1. Get some chlorine indicator tablets.  These can be purchased on-line or at virtually any pool supply store.  Alternatively, ask someone at your local pool.  Public pools are required to regularly test for pool chlorine levels so they will surely have chlorine indicators on hand.  One variety of tablets contain "DPD" which means diethyl-p-phenylene diamine.  This chemical turns pink when chlorine is present.
  2. Get some chlorinated water.  Often your tap water is chlorinated.  Or use chlorinated pool water.  Or add a tiny drop of bleach into some pure water.  (Bleach and "chlorine" are the same chemical).
  3. Add the chlorine indicator tablets to the water.  The indicator should now test positive for chlorine.  For example, DPD would turn the water pink in the presence of chlorine.
  4. Test whether the product neutralizes the chlorine.  Just add your product to the water and stir.  When the solution turns clear/colorless, the chlorine is gone.  
  5. Compare products.  You can compare products by making one standard solution of chlorinated water and then testing how much of each product it takes to neutralize the same amount of water.  For fun, you can compare ordinary shampoos to "chlorine-out" shampoos.  The results may surprise you.  We have tested many products marketed as "anti-chlorine" products and found that they are usually less effective at neutralizing chlorine than ordinary shampoos designed for the public. 

Do you want answers?  We want you to have the truth.

If you have any questions about testing SwimSpray or any other swimmers product, we would be happy to help you get the answers that you deserve.  We understand that many swimmers have real problems with chlorine.  We want to make sure that these swimmers can get the help they need without falling victim to false marketing claims.  We encourage you to hold SwimSpray and all other products accountable for claims about removing chlorine.

If you have questions about eliminating chlorine, feel free to contact us.  

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