Dogs are Sensitive to Swimming in Chlorinated Pool Water

June 14, 2015

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Dogs have Chlorine Problems Too.

This dog looks pretty excited about the swimming pool! And why not? For both dogs and people, swimming is great exercise and a fun way to cool off during the summer. Let's just hope he's using his SwimSpray after getting out of the pool! Seriously, dogs have the exact same chlorine problems as people.  See below.

(photo by Seth Casteel)

Dogs More Sensitive to Chlorine than People

According to the American Kennel Club, “[a] dog's eyes, nose and ears are more sensitive than a human's and as such may be a tad more susceptible to the effects of chlorine.” Despite this heightened sensitivity, a dog's symptoms seem to be similar to the side-effects experienced by people.

Eve Adamson of the Canine Health Foundation explains that a dog’s chlorine problems are quite similar to a human’s chlorine problems: “Chlorine dries out human hair and skin, and dogs aren’t immune either. Dogs who take frequent dips in the family pool may suffer from dry, itchy skin and a dry, dull coat because the chemicals in pool water strip the skin and coat of their natural oils. Chlorinated water may also have a slight bleaching effect on dark coats, and could even turn lighter coats (gasp!) greenish”. 

Whether youcall these symptoms "chlorine allergy" or "chlorine sensitivity," the concept is the same: your dog would probably be better off with less chlorine exposure. There's a safe and easy way to limit your dog's chlorine exposure.

Safe & Easy Chlorine Removal Treatment for Dogs

From a chemical standpoint, dogs and people have very similar skin. Accordingly, chlorine bonds to a dog’s hair and skin the same way chlorine bonds to a person’s hair and skin. Just like with people, the chlorine doesn't just wash away with water. As a result owners may notice a lingering chlorine odor on their dogs.

Thankfully, it’s safe and easy to get chlorine off dog’s hair and skin. Just use SwimSpray on your dog, the same way you would use SwimSpray on your own hair and skin.  First, Rinse the dog; then spray your dog with SwimSpray; be sure to spread SwimSpray all over the dog; lastly, rinse everything away. Chlorine Free Dog!

SwimSpray is 100% natural and probably the safest product that you'll ever use on your hair and skin. 

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Wrigley's Mom

August 24, 2017

How do you know it’s okay to use on dogs if it’s not been animal tested?

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