What every swimmer should know about "that smell"

September 04, 2015


Swimming is probably the cleanest sport on the planet...or is it?

Who can argue with the facts: Swimmers literally immerse themselves in chlorinated water for hours at a time. 

From a chemical standpoint, we are talking about being submerged in diluted bleach.  (Have you noticed how your pool smells a bit like the bleach in the laundry?)

Wouldn't this make you squeaky clean from head to toe?

As if swimming in bleach isn't enough,  swimmers also shower with shampoo and soap to "wash the pool" off of them after practice too. 

Despite all of these efforts, are swimmers really clean when they leave the pool? 

Oddly enough, hours and even days after swimming and showering...most swimmers notice a curious thing--they still smell. Not bad like "b.o." bad...

...but they reek of chlorine...that potent bleach-like pool smell. 

 Many swimmers even notice that their sweat smells like chlorine during PE class. 

That can't be good...can it?

So, with all that soaking, soaping, and washing, why do you still smell like chlorine?

Because your skin is simply full of chlorine. Chlorine molecules are stubborn and they don't let go of your skin and hair cells and literally bonds with your body. This bond is strong. Like a cement bond, only stronger.....

 It's like a "true-love bond" that leads to marriage; think “until death do we part” strength.  

Even though you wash and shower and soap and lather and rinse....the chlorine is still gonna be the pores of your skin and the very shaft of your hair.  The chlorine will be there until it kills itself eating away at your body.

Are you ready to "just be friends" with chlorine and break that bond?

Luckily, SwimSpray was invented.  It is the "bond-breaker". It works on a molecular level to neutralize chlorine’s chemical bond to your hair and skin.  So, when you spray it on, and rinse it off...the chlorine goes down the drain. 

 How can you know for sure?  

We like to ask people to take a simple test called the "Lick Test".

 Here’s how the Lick Test works:



  1. Lick your arm and sniff it.
  2. Does it smell like a pool? (If it does, that’s because you have pool chemicals on your body.)
  3. Now, spray, wash and rinse with SwimSpray and try the Lick Test again...

    ...smell gone? (yep..told you so. NOW you're officially clean.)


    Take a look at this video to see how the chlorine bond is broken with just one spray.


    Try the lick test and let us know if you pass or failed on our Facebook page.

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