Design the Next SwimSpray Ad

November 29, 2012


We just posted a design brief on  Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to submit ideas for SwimSpray's next advertisement.  Entries are accepted until December 3, 2012.  The process follows a contest format with the winner receiving $199.

99designs is an online platform that connects graphic artists and designers with those companies and individuals who need their services. Designers who participate on 99designs can review our design brief and submit concepts to compete for the cash prize for the contest. We will provide continual feedback and down-select to a set of designers who best match our style and goal.  We then select our favorite design(s) and award our cash prize(s).

About the Project: We are seeking an eye-catching advertisement that clearly indicates what our SwimSpray does (i.e., eliminates chlorine) and why it's important (i.e., otherwise, there are problems such as damaged hair, dry skin, chlorine smell/stench/odor). We'd like it to be more reliant on a real image rather than on copy. We'd like this ad to appeal to a general audience - however, our target purchasers are 24+ swimmers and parents/moms. Our competitor, UltraSwim, has done this well, and we've attached an example of one of their ads. We would like this ad to work as both a poster advertisement and as a digital ad on a website/e-mail. 

Please share the opportunity with anyone that you think might be interested.  Also, since this is our first time working with 99designs, we would appreciate your feedback on your experiences working with their site.


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