Swimmer's Shampoo

December 11, 2012


Chlorine damaged hair?  Does it turn clear?  Or green?  Does it become brittle or break easily.  Is it stiff - like straw?  Does it still smell?

These common swimmer complaints are caused by malignant chlorine, i.e., chlorine that bonds to your hair and skin and doesn't simply wash away in the shower.  You may notice that you still smell like chlorine?  Well, that's because you are still coated in chlorine.

What does this have to do with shampoo?  Or swimmer's shampoo?  The answer is absolutely nothing.  None of the existing swimmers shampoos on the market work because they do not include ingredients that will eliminate malignant chlorine.  

Only SwimSpray gets the lingering, malignant chlorine off of your hair and skin.  You will notice the difference because you won't reek of chlorine all the time.  Also, your hair and skin will feel much better - healthier... normal again.

The reason that we say this has nothing to do with shampoo is because SwimSpray is not a shampoo.  It is a shower spray that you spray all over your hair and skin in the shower after swimming.  Since it is not a shampoo, you can continue to use whatever shampoo, body washe, or other products that you are accustomed to using.  If you want to smell like UltraSwim, by all means, use UltraSwim (just be sure to also use SwimSpray if you actually want to eliminate the chlorine).

Bottom Line: Now you are in control of chlorine.  You don't have to get special clarifying shampoos or other swimmers' soaps and body washes.  In fact - don't waste your money because they won't work.  Stick to the products that you like... just use them with SwimSpray to kill the chlorine.

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