Removing Bromine from Hair and Skin

December 18, 2012

Yes, SwimSpray eliminates bromine from hair and skin.

We have received a few questions in the past month about whether SwimSpray can be used to eliminate bromine from hair and skin.  People ask because many pools are sanitized used bromine instead of chlorine.  Also, spas and hot tubs usually rely on bromine because it is more efficient than using chlorine at high temperatures.

From a chemical standpoint, bromine behaves very similar to chlorine.  Like chlorine, bromine is a "halogen."  If you look at your periodic table of the elements, bromine is simply one row below chlorine.  Accordingly, bromine will bond to your hair and skin just like chlorine.  And it will stick there, just like chlorine.  And, under normal conditions (regular shampooing, swimmers shampoos, etc.), it will not wash away in the shower.  However, the good news is that YES - SwimSpray will completely eliminate bromine from hair and skin.

Thanks for the great questions.  Please keep them coming.

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