Smelling of Chlorine - Gold Medalist Rebecca Adlington

December 27, 2012


Chlorine lingers on world record holders too.

Scanning Twitter this morning, I saw this retweet of a post by Rebecca Adlington.

Rebecca Adlington is an English mid-distance and distance swimmer. She won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in the 400 m and 800 m, breaking the 19 year-old world record of Janet Evans in the 800 m final.  Adlington was Britain's first Olympic swimming champion since 1988 and the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908. She won bronze medals in the women's 400 m and 800 m freestyle events in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

It's not surprising that someone who spends as much time in the pool as Ms. Adlington would be plagued by lingering, malignant chlorine.  It stands to reason that she might benefit from the beauty secrets of her countrywoman Jenna Randall, who explains that "[a]fter being in the pool all day, the first thing I use is a product called SwimSpray, which has been specifically designed to get rid of chlorine and that chlorine smell. It's such an amazing product and can be used on your hair or skin."

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