How to get rid of the chlorine feeling

December 28, 2012


The Chlorine Feeling and Getting Rid of it --

We've seen some search traffic from people searching for ways to get rid of (eliminate or remove) the "chlorine feeling" after swimming in chlorinated pools.  We searched around this morning and found that the "chlorine feeling" falls into these categories: 
  1. Malignant Chlorine, i.e., residual chlorine; lingering chlorine; chlorine build-up; "coated" in chlorine; covered in chlorine
  2. Chlorine smell (or "reeking of chlorine"
  3. Chlorine Itch; Chlorine burn (chlorine eating away at your hair/skin);
  4. Dry, brittle, or damaged hair; 
For many, these problems persist even after showering.  Some describe the problems as a chlorine allergy because of a rash, skin irritation or other side-effects and/or health problems (such as hair loss).
One person, who swims four to six times a week, noted that UltraSwim shampoo claims to render the chlorine molecules harmless but nevertheless leaves her hair feeling "coated" afterward.

The above problems, including the "coated" feeling may arise from never getting the chlorine off in the first place.  UltraSwim fails to remove the residual chlorine (see article on SwimSwam), which would explain why someone would continue to experience the side-effects of residual chlorine despite using a shampoo after swimming.

Getting the chlorine after your hair and skin is actually pretty simple.  You can use SwimSpray's patent-pending vitamin C rinse.  If you do, you will notice the very first time that the chlorine smell is GONE.  That is a good way of checking to see that the chlorine is washed away.  Compare that to products like UltraSwim, which leave you smelling like chlorine.  You smell like chlorine because you are still coated in malignant chlorine.  In our experience, people feel better when they aren't coated in chlorine.

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