Chlorine Itch

January 04, 2013


Chlorine Itch? Itchy Skin From Chlorine? Chlorine Rash?

Itching from chlorine is a common problem for people who swim in chlorinated pools.  Some people have described this as “chlorine jock itchchlorine itchy skin”, “bromine itch”, “rash from chlorine”, “rash from chlorine in swimming pools.”  We have noticed people searching on Google for information about “chlorine rash symptoms”, “swimmers chlorine rash”,  or “chlorine rash treatment”.

Unfortunately there seem to be several different causes for what people commonly call chlorine itch.  In many cases the itch or burn is caused by chlorine.  But, in some cases the cause of the itching can be something else, such as microorganisms that live in a hot tub or pool.  To know for sure, you should see a dermatologist.

The good news is that often the “chlorine itch” can be caused by chlorine’s reacting with your skin.  Pool chlorine is a salt of hypochlorous acid, i.e., a “hypochlorite” salt, which is added to pool water to keep it healthy for swimming.  That chemical reacts with the molecules that make up your skin: Your skin is made from proteins and fats/oils; those compounds are susceptible to reacting with chlorine.  Chlorine’s chemical reaction with your skin can cause irritation, such as itching or burning.

Another problem is that chlorine is extremely hard to wash off of your hair and skin.  Because chlorine bonds to your hair and skin, it gets stuck there and does not wash away in the shower. Not with soap.  Not with shampoo. Not with body wash.  Those products do not break chlorine's bond to your skin.  For this reason, many people report smelling like chlorine all the time.  It seems obvious but you smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine.

If the chlorine is bothering your hair and skin, the obvious solution to the problem would be getting the chlorine off of your skin -- Don’t leave the chemical that bothers you on your skin all day long. Fortunately, you can get all the chlorine (or bromine) off of your skin quickly, safely, and easily with SwimSpray.  SwimSpray uses a patent-pending vitamin C formulation to completely eliminate chlorine.  You will notice immediately that you don’t smell like chlorine anymore.

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