Swimmers' Hair Care

January 10, 2013


Swimmers' hair care--

Swimmers’ hair care seems to be a hot topic, along with these related topics: “black hair care swimming, “hair care swimming chlorine,” “african american hair care swimming,” “hair care swimming caps,” and “long hair care swimming.”

I think the common thread is that chlorine is very hard on hair.  It seems like some hair types suffer more than others.  But, the bottom line is that exposing hair to chlorine damages your hair.  And, you probably wouldn’t be searching for hair care tips if your existing routine got all of the chlorine out of your hair.  Have you tried a “swimmers shampoo” or other product for removing chlorine from your hair and skin?  If so, you probably notice that you smell like chlorine even after showering.  You smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine.  Not good.

This is how to save your hair from chlorine:  Use SwimSpray on your hair and skin before your use your regular shower products.  SwimSpray is concentrated vitamin C.  It’s good for you and it completely eliminates the chlorine from your hair and skin.  Here’s how to use SwimSpray.  (If you prefer, here’s an instructional video, showing how to use SwimSpray.

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