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January 10, 2013

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Hair Care for Swimmers --

We came across this article in Bella Sugar from Australia.  It caught our eye because they had tips for dealing with chlorine problems.  The article says "...perhaps your body is suffering from chlorine overload (or salt saturation) as a result. Spending time at the pool or beach can wear down your hair, skin, and nails."  That makes sense.  

Notably, your hair, skin, and nails are all made from protein.  And all protein reacts with chlorine.  So, your hair, skin, and nails all chemically react with the pool chlorine.  The chlorine sticks to you, does not wash away in the shower, and then continues to eat at your hair, skin, and nails for days afterwards.  That's why you continue to smell like chlorine.

Regarding the green color of hair, the article also correctly points out that chlorine mixes with copper in pool water to tint blonde hair sea-monster shades."  But the author then recommends a "thorough shampoo post-swim."  And shampooing won't get rid of the chlorine.

It sounds simple, but the answer to your chlorine problems is washing the chlorine off of your body.  SwimSpray is the only product that gets the chlorine off of you.  So, if you having chlorine problems of any kind, you should try SwimSpray.



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Timothys Rambo

March 01, 2014

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