Chlorinated Chicken

January 12, 2013


Chlorine Damages Skin -- Chicken and People

This is a link to a video on The Doctors about "Chlorine in Chicken."  Chlorinated foods have been a interest of mine for several years because it’s the same phenomenon that plagues swimmers.  

Chlorine reacts with the molecules that make up fats and proteins.  (See example below) (See also wikipedia).  That chlorine bonds to the surface, where it lingers as malignant chlorine.

Swimmers are exposed to 1-3 ppm chlorine in swimming pools.  Chickens are treated with up to 50 ppm of chlorine.

Just like swimmers fail to wash the chlorine away in the shower, chicken companies fail to wash chlorine off of their water-chilled birds.  The result?  Swimmers leave the pool covered in chlorine.  And chicken leaves the factory covered in chlorine.  That’s why swimmers smell like chlorine.  That’s why chicken smells like chlorine.  Here's what it looks like using chemical drawings:

I suppose that there are two big differences here: (1) the chickens don’t know any better; and (2) the chickens are dead when they get in the chlorinated water.

But, swimmers don’t need to stay covered in chlorine.  They can wash the chlorine off by using SwimSpray.  As for your chicken...if only there was a chlorine removal product that safely and immediately removed residual chlorine from biological fibers.

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