Swimming Pools and Skin

January 14, 2013


“Does Chorine in Swimming Pool Water Affect the Skin?” 


This was the topic of a blog post yesterday.

Colin, the author of Colin’s Beauty Pages concludes that chlorine does not affect the skin because “the top surface of your skin is constantly sloughing off.”  That's sort of like saying that pour acid on my skin doesn't affect it because the top surface of my skin is just burning off.

The comments by Jo Warren raise an interesting counter: then why does the chlorine bother swimmers’ skin so much?

Swimmers’ chlorine problems are considered the single worst thing about swimming.  As Colin correctly notes that “Chlorine is very reactive molecule that will break up anything it comes into contact with.”  And, he recognizes that chlorine “carries out the same reactions on the surface of your skin.”  Bullseye!  Pool Chlorine Chemically reacts with your skin.  In other words, Chlorine + Skin = Chlorinated Skin.  You might notice that you smell like chlorine?  That should be a clue: Your skin smells like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine after swimming.

Fortunately, eliminating chlorine from your hair and skin is extremely simple.  Using a concentrated pH-balanced solution of vitamin C (such as SwimSpray) will eliminate the chlorine on contact.  You will notice immediately that the chlorine smell disappears.  And that means that you are no longer covered in chlorine.

Regarding the “Gloves in a Bottle” product mentioned in the article, this is an attempt to shield the skin from chlorine by preventing the chlorinated water from physically contacting the skin.  I have not tried this product but will give it a shot.  First, it seems to only work for skin (you don’t put it in your hair).  Second, in my experience with a product called Derma Swim, these protective layers feel rather heavy and also wear off in the pool during activity.  

In short, I still believe that SwimSpray is the single best product on the market for helping people combat chlorine’s side effects.  Notably, the synchronized swimmers in Colin's area agree.  Jenna Randall explains: "After being in the pool all day, the first thing I use is a product called Swim Spray, which has been specifically designed to get rid of chlorine and that chlorine smell. It's such an amazing product and can be used on your hair or skin.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if your followers would like to try a sample.

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May 23, 2015

can I get a sample to see if it agrees with my skin?


January 27, 2014

If the offer is still out, I wouldn’t mind a sample.



July 17, 2013

how to protect the skin from the usual tap waters that’s chlorinated?

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