Chlorine and Dreads

January 14, 2013


Chlorine and Dreads -

Like the long hair community, folks with dreadlocks are understandably concerned with the long-term health of their hair.  (To have long hair, you’ve got to keep it healthy for a long time).

We’ve seen several articles recently which raise the question as to whether chlorine will affect dreads.

YES - chlorine will definitely affect dread locks.  Chlorine chemically reacts with hair.  It bonds to the hair and does not simply wash away in the shower.  You may notice that your hair still smells like chlorine even after showering.  It seems simple but your hair smell like chlorine because it is still covered in chlorine.  Some describe this as a “chlorine feeling” in the hair.

Also, certain types of hair (e.g., black hair) are particularly sensitive to chlorine.  In the case of dreads, it seems like we are dealing with lots of hair that is also very thick.  I suspect that this would result in the hair absorbing lots of water and therefore lots of chlorine.  Accordingly, not only would it be more important to protect dreads (for long-term hair health reasons) but dreads would also be more difficult to protect that more conventional hair.

Fortunately, eliminating chlorine from your hair and skin is extremely simple.  Using a concentrated pH-balanced solution of vitamin C (such as SwimSpray) will eliminate the chlorine on contact.  You will notice immediately that the chlorine smell disappears.  And that means that you are no longer covered in chlorine.  I would recommend using SwimSpray on dreads in the shower after swimming in chlorinated pools.

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