Chlorine at McMurtrey Aquatic Center

January 15, 2013

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Herb Benham of the Bakersfield Californian writes: “I am part of a group that swims at McMurtrey Aquatic Center, a terrific outdoor swimming pool downtown. It costs $3 a day to swim, which includes a hot shower. Some people try to wring their $3 worth by taking an extra long shower, stating that chlorine requires a thorough rinse.” (emphasis added).

As readers of this blog know, showering alone does not eliminate chlorine.  Rather, the chlorine bonds to your hair and skin, where it lingers as malignant chlorine.  Many swimmers notice this because they smell like chlorine despite showering.   That should be an indicator: you smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine.

Herb - please tell your swimming buddies that (although great) hot showers are not the way to eliminate chlorine from hair and skin.  In order to remove chlorine and protect your hair and skin from chlorine damage, please use SwimSpray.

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