Chlorine and Hair Treatment

January 17, 2013


Treating Hair after Chlorine Damage--

I find it surprising that people are letting their chlorine problems get so bad that they need to be treated for hair loss.

According to Lianne Gutcher of The National, Lars Skjøth is the founder of the Hårklinikken hair loss treatment clinic.  He opened a clinic in Dubai in October.   One reason he finds Dubai an attractive location is because “chlorine is used in the water and that is tough on hair, contributing to breakage and damage.“

This reminded me of something published by the Belgravia Center.  The article was “Chlorine Could Aggravate Hair Loss”  and discussed the tie between chlorine and hair loss.  That article stated that people literally scratching the hair out of their heads because of chlorine itch

This is the second article I’ve seen in two days discussing how people are treating hair loss because of chlorine.  I can not help but wonder: why not just wash the chlorine out of your hair?  Maybe then you wouldn’t lose your hair.

At SwimSpray, we believe that your hair and skin would be better off if you washed away the chlorine after swimming.  To do this, just use SwimSpray after swimming.  Then you won't be covered in chlorine all the time.

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