Hair Treatment for Before Swimming

January 25, 2013

Pre-Swimming Treatment - Wet your hair with SwimSpray before swimming.

In addition to providing all-around hair care for swimmers, SwimSpray is a excellent pre-swimming hair treatment.  To protect your hair from chlorine before swimming, just dampen your hair with SwimSpray right before you get in the pool.  Your hair will absorb water + vitamin C, which will help to neutralize the chlorine that attacks your hair while you swim.  In any event, you should rinse with vitamin C after you swim to remove all of the chlorine that bonds to your hair and skin.

Hair absorbs about 30-45% of its dry mass in water.  Think of your hair as a sponge.  Similarly, if you go swimming in chlorinated water, your hair will absorb 30-45% of its mass in chlorinated water.

If you wet your hair with pure water before swimming, it will prevent the chlorinated water from rushing into your hair.  Your hair will already be saturated with fresh water and therefore less susceptible to absorbing the chlorinated water.  For this reason, wetting your hair with fresh water is a good idea before swimming.  Wetting your hair with SwimSpray is even better.

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