Dartmouth Swimmer Discusses Malignant Chlorine

January 28, 2013


Members of the Dartmouth swim team are apparently walking around campus covered in malignant chlorine.  How can you tell?  Their skin smells like chlorine.  


We spotted this article, “1-on-1 with Mary Van Metre,” written by Maddie Garcia of the Dartmouth.


Ms. Van Metre had some insight about “things only swimmers understand.” She reported “Swimmers don’t think it’s weird to walk around in just a bathing suit and we don’t think twice about boys in Speedos. We also constantly smell like chlorine no matter how many times we shower. After morning practice I have been so hungry I have cried but also could fall asleep on command. I’ve also memorized the bottom of the pool!” (emphasis added).


Based on our experience, these are certainly telltale signs of being a swimmer.  Unfortunately, smelling like chlorine all the time - even AFTER showering is actually harmful to hair and skin.  The chlorine smell indicates that chlorine is still present on the swimmer’s hair and skin.  And chlorine is irritating and damaging to hair and skin because chlorine chemically reacts with hair and skin.


Fortunately fixing the problem is relatively easy:  Since chlorine is a strong oxidant, you can neutralize it by rinsing with a strong antioxidant.  The safest, best way to do this is to rinse your body with vitamin C after swimming.  You can accomplish this by using SwimSpray. (Vitamin C is an antioxidant and will completely eliminate the chlorine film from your skin.  That will make you feel better).



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