Sweating Chlorine - Triathlete Problems

February 02, 2013


Triathletes Sweating Chlorine - 

I just saw a blog post about Sweating Chlorine and wanted to share a few of Kyle's quotes that do a nice job describing lingering malignant chlorine:

  • “the biggest downside to swimming regularly, aside from the swimming regularly, is the chlorine.”
  • “the worst part though, the thing you only learn by swimming regularly dousing yourself in pool water, is that the chlorine smell lingers.” 
  • “hours after you've showered you'll be going about your day and you'll suddenly catch a faint whiff of swimming pool. it won't be strong, but it will be there. after a while you'll get used to it and or at least convince yourself that it's some sort of badge of honor for having worked out. for most swimmers, water polo players, swim instructors, or creepy dudes who hang out in the gym hot tub this will be the end of it.
  • “unfortunately...i discovered something during those years, something much worse than the simple, faint lingering scent of chlorine: the chlorine sweats.”
  • “in the middle of a run wednesday night...i soon realized that something was off: i reeked of chlorine. rather than simply sweating, i was excreting chlorine. it was pouring out of me and it smelled terrible.”

It may sound simple, buy Kyle smells like chlorine because he is covered in chlorine.  Kyle is covered in chlorine because he is not properly washing it off after he swims.  Chlorine reacts with your skin cells, leaving a layer of chlorine on the surface of your skin.  Kyle may also notice itchy skin from chlorine or a rash?

Here’s how to fix the problem:  Since chlorine is a strong oxidant, you can get it off of your body by rinsing with a strong antioxidant.  The safest, best way to do this is to rinse your body with vitamin C after swimming -- for example by using SwimSpray. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and will completely eliminate the chlorine film from your skin.  That will make you feel better.

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