Pool Smell in a Candle

March 03, 2013


Pool Smell in a Candle

I learned about this "Poolside" scented candle from Bath and Body works today. (Here's a link to the product page). As a lifelong swimmer, I must admit that the idea of making the house smell like sunscreen and chlorine seems oddly appealing.  

Pool Scented Candle

This confirms much of the feedback that we have received from swimmers about smelling like chlorine.  The smell of chlorine can actually be appealing to some swimmers because in brings out fond memories of the pool.  

From our perspective, the real problem is what that smell means: if a swimmer smells like chlorine, they are still covered in lingering chlorine, which leads to a variety of other unwanted side-effects.

This candle might actually provide the missing puzzle piece for swimmers who can't get enough chlorine smell but also would prefer not to have dry, itchy, irritated skin and dead, straw-like hair.  
 (1) With SwimSpray, a swimmer can get all of the lingering chlorine off of their hair and skin after swimming.  
 (2) And, now, with this candle, a swimmer can enjoy healthy hair and skin without sacrificing the smell of the pool around the house.

Sounds like a win-win.  Here is a link to a review of the candle on YouTube.

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