Skepticism - Does SwimSpray Work?

March 21, 2013


Endurance Athletes and Chlorine

Distance swimmers and triathletes often struggle to get the chlorine off of their hair and skin after swimming.  One of our retail partners attended an Endurance Sport Expo and learned how these athletes react to SwimSpray's ability to get chlorine out of hair and skin after swimming.

We learned from Jason Hugg at Factory Swimwear about his experience at the Endurance Sport Expo.

Jason was pleased that his booth seemed to be one of the busiest booths at the expo.  Jason featured SwimSpray (as shown in the photo below).  According to Jason,  "it was interesting . . . lots of people were skeptical if the formula would work, but that seemed to be trumped by how simple it was to use."  Notably, Jason also pointed out that SwimSpray sold much better with its own set up rather than it being on our “Shampoo” shelf.  I suppose this makes sense.  SwimSpray is not a shampoo.  Rather it is intended to work with the athletes favorite shampoo or body wash.

Hesitant to Try SwimSpray

Also, we share Jason's observations that people are skeptical that the formula will work.  Skepticism is one of our greatest hurdles.  Everyone knows that swimmers shampoos are notoriously ineffective at getting the chlorine out of hair.  Accordingly, swimmers are hesitant to try another anti-chlorine product.  And they are shocked when the try SwimSpray because it works.

Thanks to Jason for all of his efforts promoting SwimSpray.  Please check out his store (see link above).  He is wonderful to work with.  We are very lucky to have him on our team.

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