Can chlorine cause itchy skin?

March 21, 2013

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Can chlorine cause itchy skin?

We received this question today via email.  The short answer is YES.  Chlorine can cause itchy skin.  On our web page, we discuss Pool Chlorine and Skin.  In particular, we note that Swimmers often complain of a itchy skin from chlorine, chlorine burn, or rash.

Ryn Gargulinski describes this itchiness as "an allergic reaction leaves you with itchy skin. Several causes can lead to itchy skin, which can be accompanied by tightness, dryness, flaking and peeling or a rash with little, pus-filled blisters."  One hypothesis is that "itchy skin after swimming in a pool can come as a reaction to the chlorine, which can act as an irritant, an allergen or dry out your skin. Chlorine is corrosive . . . . Repeatedly swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool can break down your skin's lipid barriers and dry it out.

While pool itch is probably due to a variety of factors, those factors are most likely caused or exacerbated by chlorine.  Accordingly, the most obvious way to begin addressing itchy skin from chlorine (i.e., pool itch) would be washing the chlorine off of your skin.  This is exactly why we invented SwimSpray.  SwimSpray is a simple, no-nonsense way to eliminate ALL of the chlorine from your body.  Unlike other swimmers shampoos, SwimSpray works.

Here's how to get all the chlorine off of you.

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Marion van de pol

April 09, 2017

For 5 weeks we have had itchy skin from pool we are elderly and it is driving us mad. We have sent. For pool spray. Pls hurry up.

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