You do NOT need shampoo to remove chlorine

March 21, 2013


Anti-Chlorine Shampoo?

We continue to see a large amount of search traffic for "Swimmers Shampoos," "Shampoos to Remove Chlorine," and "Anti-Chlorine Shampoos."
Chlorine Shampoo

The first thing to consider is that no one has ever made a swimmer's shampoo that actually works.  There are about 40 products on the market that claim to eliminate chlorine from your hair.  But these products are notoriously ineffective.  Here's why:

  • Shampoos are meant for cleaning the hair.  The produce a lather (suds) that helps to get the dirt, grime, and oils out of your hair.
  • But, chlorine does not fit into this category.  It has nothing to do with the dirt and oil in your hair.
  • To get rid of chlorine, you should use a product specifically designed to eliminate chlorine.  Here, you need a vitamin C Rinse.
  • Using SwimSpray will feel remarkably simple.  It does NOT produce a lather.  It does NOT smell like perfume.
  • Although SwimSpray doesn't produce the smell and lather of shampoo, it completely eliminates chlorine from your hair.
Bottom line: If you want to wash the dirt out of your hair, use your shampoo.  If you want to get the chlorine out of your hair, use SwimSpray.  The only reason to use a "swimmer's shampoo" would be if you like the smell of that product.

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