Protecting Skin and Hair While Swimming

March 21, 2013


Protecting Hair and Skin While Swimming

Saw this Health and Beauty News about Protecting Skin and Hair While Swimming.

In short, here's their advice: 1. Coat yourself in lotion or oil before swimming; 2. Wet your hair; 3. Limit sun exposure; 4. Use a pool treatment; 5. Use a clarifying shampoo after swimming.

Here's our take on this advise:  

1. Do NOT coat yourself with anything before swimming.  To the contrary, you should wash your skin before swimming to prevent introducing organic matter to the pool water.  Organic matter (from oils, lotions, makeup, urine, etc.) reacts with pool chlorine, making nasty irritating molecules.

2. Yes, wet your hair with fresh water.  This advice from the article seems right: 
"Your hair absorbs water like a sponge. So, it’s better to first douse it with fresh instead of chlorinated water to block the drying effects of chemicals in the pool. A layer of conditioner can provide additional protection from pool chemicals. Keep a travel-sized bottle in your pool bag to use before swimming."

3. Yes, stay out of the stun.  Sunlight will  cause chlorine to react with your hair and skin faster.  If you want to lay out in the sun, be sure to wash the chlorine away beforehand.

4. I have no real opinion on pool water enhancers.  Notably, most pools don't give you a say in what pool chemicals to use.  And most pools use chlorine. 

5. Yes, shower after swimming.  Then, rinse with vitamin C to eliminate the chlorine.  Shampoos (even clarifying shampoos, which are designed to remove metals not reduce chlorine) do not wash the chlorine out of your hair.  Use shampoos to clean dirt and oil from your hair and use SwimSpray to clean chlorine from your hair.

(photo of someone using their regular shower products . . . AFTER spraying SwimSpray on themselves )

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