Black Texturized Hair and Chlorine

March 21, 2013


Taking care of texturized hair after swimming

Saw this post on Black Hair Information.

The bloggers were discussing "Chlorine and Texturized Hair."  How should a weekly swimmer take care of texturized hair?

One person pointed out that "chlorine and chemically-treated hair do not do well together."   That sounds correct.  Other tips included wearing a cap (good idea) and shampooing and conditioning after swimming.  The comments also suggested using a leave-in conditioner and/or a product called B&B Super Gro.

Chlorine Hair Texturized

Let's start with the basics.  I think that the damage here is due to chlorine.  

Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and will do a number on chemically treated hair. The effects of chlorine will be especially bad if the swimmer fails to wash away the chlorine after swimming. (Leaving chlorine in your hair is like subjecting your hair to chlorine 24/7). Shampoos and conditioners do NOT get chlorine out of hair.  

These products are for shampooing and conditioning hair NOT removing lingering chlorine.  To remove chlorine, use an anti-oxidant rinse.

If you have texturized hair and you go swimming, you should use SwimSpray in the shower after swimming.  (Spray it on your hair before you add your shampoo and then use the lather to spread it around).

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