Chlorine - the "Swimming Pool Helper"

May 24, 2013


Chlorine, Swimming Pools, and much more...


ChlorineThe New York Times just ran an article about chlorine, the "swimming pool helper" with a "checkered past."  The author, Carl Zimmer found the topic timely because "over the next few months, chlorine will ensure that countless swimming pools don’t turn into microbe-choked petri dishes."  Good point.  Chlorine is fantastic at keeping swimming pools clean.  And Mr. Zimmer correctly points out that "a chlorine-laced swimming pool may be a pleasant place to spend a summer day."

The rest of the article discusses chlorine's history on our planet and its multiple uses.  Mr. Zimmer details many instances where chlorine plays the role of the villain.  He also notes that "chlorine’s threats today are nothing compared with its menace on the early Earth."  That's a relief.

What troubled me is that Mr. Zimmer did not provide any practical information about how to deal with chlorine's threats.  Given that the article begins and ends with chlorine's role in swimming pools, I am surprised that he didn't point out how to mitigate the side-effects of the "chlorine-laced swimming pool."  Rinsing with vitamin C after swimming eliminates the side-effects of swimming pool chlorine.  Accordingly, a vitamin C rinse is the perfect complement to this great sanitizing agent.  SwimSpray will eliminated unwanted side-effects wherever chlorine is used.




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