Michael Phelps happy to "no longer smell chlorine."

June 05, 2013

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Smelling Like Chlorine?

Michael Phelps just told Mathew Kitchen of NBC Sports that he is happy to “no longer smell chlorine.” 

This is particularly interesting because the statement came within the context of Phelps discussing a potential comeback.

Although swimming legend Michael Phelps has yet compete in swimming since London, there have been a variety of musings about his potential comeback.  According to Phelps, he thinks top rival Ryan Lochte is trying to deflect some attention away from himself by starting rumors of a comeback

We have a slightly different theory....

Phelps is probably on the fence about coming back to the sport of swimming. He has admitted that his “belly” wasn’t quite the same as when he was training.  As many people know, Phelps likes to eat, a lot.   And, apparently he has a sweet tooth, making it hard to maintain his former physique.  Coming back to swimming would make Michael's core fitness a non-issue.

These days, Phelps has been focussing on golfing.  Could he be turning to golf simply to get away from smelling like chlorine all of the time?  And if so, could we entice him to get back in the pool simply by teaching Michael how to eliminate chlorine from his hair and skin?

Michael, please come back.  You have taken this sport to new heights and watched swimming technology go through incredible transitions.  Please trust us when we tell you that chlorine removal technology has now evolved too.  We have solved your chlorine problems.  So, feel free to dive back in.

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Kaye Warrener

June 25, 2013

Issues with facial skin burns from indoor swimming looking for ways to fix ????

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