Chlorine removal that actually works

July 15, 2013


Eliminate Chlorine from Swimmers' Hair

If you really want to get the chlorine off of your hair and skin, you should use SwimSpray.  Other products and home remedies are simply useless for this purpose.  

Yesterday, we saw several links about how to either “treat chlorinated hair” or “protect hair from chlorine.”  Here’s the problem—none of these tips work.  If you want to get chlorine out of your hair (or skin), you should seek out a remedy proven to work. Most "swimming shampoos" are simply regular shampoos that are marketed to swimmers.  By contrast SwimSpray actually works to eliminate chlorine from hair and skin.

Swimmers' Haircare Tips Don't Work

Do it yourself tips range from using ketchup to baking soda or vinegar.  These tips are silly.  As far as I can tell, if there is a standard household chemical, someone will claim that it is the cure for chlorine damaged hair.  But, these home remedies do not have any scientific support for why they should remove chlorine from hair.  

To be clear: chlorinated pool water leaves a film of residual chlorine on hair and skin; that film does not simply wash away; it requires a strong antioxidant. 

Before you reach for ketchup, vinegar, baking soda, or something else in the kitchen, ask this question: Is this stuff that I am about to put in my hair a strong antioxidant?  If the answer is "no", then don’t put it in your hair—at least not to get the chlorine out of your hair.  Also, if you don’t understand what chemicals are strong antioxidants, then don’t try to invent a home remedy for getting chlorine out of hair and skin.  Instead look for Proof that a particular remedy works for that purpose.

Swimmers Haircare Products are Ineffective

Many products claim to get the chlorine out of hair.  They claim to “remove chlorine” or even “gently remove chlorine.”  Those products are no more useful than regular shampoos. They have a label targeting the swimming community.  But that doesn't make them any more useful at washing chlorine away from hair and skin.  

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, SwimSpray is the only product that works.  It was designed by swimmers for swimmers.  Then, it was tested and used by swimmers.  Not just any swimmers... but smart swimmers who understand chemistry.  (Our inventor has a PhD in chemistry). 

If you actually care about getting the chlorine off of your hair and skin, buy SwimSpray.  It will work.  You will notice it immediately because the lingering chlorine odor left behind by other products will disappear.  That odor will disappear the very first time that you use SwimSpray.  Then, you will start feeling better.  Your hair and skin will feel normal again.

Recent do it yourself swimmers haircare "tips".

If you would like some recent articles describing ineffective treatments or home remedies, here is a list of yesterday's articles promising to get the chlorine out of your hair:

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