What It Means When We Say "SwimSpray is All Natural."

November 11, 2016


SwimSpray is All-Natural

-what does this mean?

In an age where the term "all natural" plays an important role in how people make healthy choices for their bodies--we at SwimSpray feel it is important to explain exactly what this means for SwimSpray users in the context of chlorine neutralization.
SwimSpray is an all natural product.  We do not add preservatives or fragrances. 
Accordingly, SwimSpray has a slight amber color and a slight but noticeable scent.  Both the color and scent are safe and "normal" aspects of our all-natural product.
"Smells like Pennies"
The sensitivity of a person's olfactory receptors determines if one can even detect a smell in SwimSpray.  Additionally, since users rinse SwimSpray off after using it, most do not detect any smell at all.  However, some people have described a slight "metallic," "toasted," or "burnt" smell, depending on their perception.  Either way, this faint scent is due to the natural "browning reactions" of organic molecules, (Chemical terminology).
 Browning reactions are well known to people in the culinary arts who often induce the browning intentionally by heating foods or ingredients. Chemically, these browning processes are due to "Malliard" reactions.  Within the context of SwimSpray, customers should understand that the smell is NOT an indication of metal or harmful chemicals but rather an indication of exactly the opposite -- natural organic oxidation of an all-natural molecule.  

Why don't we add a scent?  SwimSpray has purposely chosen not to add anything extra to the product to avoid creatin, a potential source of irritation. There are many products on the market to help you smell good. Only one product breaks chlorine's bond with your body.  

"Why is SwimSpray sometimes brownish in color?"
The same natural properties cause the amber color that is observed in SwimSpray.  Check out the FAQ section on the website for more information as well.  Again our answer is because SwimSpray is made with all natural vitamin C. We do not add preservatives. As a result, SwimSpray will react with the oxygen in the air, just like apples, avocados, orange juice, and other fresh foods. It may turn brown or yellow over time.  Again, these observations are due to Malliard reactions. Here, we make sure to include plenty of vitamin C, so that even the small amount of oxidation causing the observed browning does not lessen SwimSpray's effectiveness.  Use SwimSpray and then shower with your favorite shampoo or soap for best results...and you will come out #cleanofchlorine and you don't have to forfeit your favorite scented shampoo or soap in the process.
Why is Dr. Chadeayne's SwimSpray Patent so special?
This year the U.S. Government granted Dr. Chadeayne a patent on SwimSpray.  What does this mean?  It means that SwimSpray is different and better than any other chlorine removing technology available. Have you noticed that no other chlorine removal products are patented?  SwimSpray technology works.

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