Top ten gifts for your swimmer or diver - Reach for the Wall

February 11, 2015

10. Swim Spray

Personally, I love the smell of chlorine. But many people tire of showing up at school smelling like they brought the entire swimming pool with them. I know my mother would have appreciated this product after her eyes teared up from the chlorine flooding out of our pores from the unusually high levels in the pool one day.

Swim Spray neutralizes chlorine odor by removing the chlorine from the body. Developed by Andrew Chadeayne, PhD in Chemistry, a former Princeton swimmer and 2011 U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion in the 200 Backstroke, the product is 100% natural, made up of two ingredients, water and vitamin C. It’s really simple to use in your everyday routine. After practice, rinse off, spray your hair and body with Swim Spray, use soap and shampoo, and voilà, no more smelling like a vat of chlorine.

I’ve never personally used this product, but I’ve heard great reviews. If anyone picks it up this holiday season, let me know how you like it!

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