Feeling Chlorine Free and Salt Free - Open Water Swimming

February 11, 2015

SwimSpray is a new product that is being used by both pool swimmers and open water swimmers.

Invented by swimmer Andrew Chadeayne, Ph.D., JD., SwimSpray is an all-natural, fragrance-free formula whose active ingredient is Vitamin C. It is used to prevent chlorine from bonding to the hair and skin of pool swimmers and to remove the film left over after swimming in salt water.

"I was ready to give up swimming because of the post-workout chlorine smell I always had," recalled the former swimmer from Princeton University who received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Cornell University.

After months of research, he developed the all natural formula used in SwimSpray to prevent chlorine from bonding to hair and skin. "SwimSpray allowed me to swim as much as I wanted with none of the usual chlorine related side effects. I invented the product because like many swimmers I was tired of smelling like chlorine all the time."

Dr. Chadeayne explains, "SwimSpray is concentrated vitamin C. It is beneficial after any exposure to oxidizing conditions, including sunlight, oxygen, chlorine, bromine, etc. After swimming in the ocean, I noticed that using SwimSpray seemed to make my hair and body feel lighter and cleaner. The salt water environment is oxidizing. Sunlight is definitely oxidizing. SwimSpray is a very potent antioxidant and can help with all of these problems."

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