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February 11, 2015


I will start off by saying that I have nothing to do with this company...I sell bamboo for a living. But, this stuff really works. I have always been searching for something to kill the chlorine smell off my body, my hair, and my suits. I use swim "TriSwim" shampoo and body wash, but it only marginally takes the smell away. I searched the internet one night and found this Swim Spray stuff. I don't really remember the story but it was created by some Doctor in the Midwest that was fed up with smelling like chlorine. I bought two small bottles and when I first tried to use them I thought I got ripped off. It sprays a fine mist over your body and I thought, "there is no way this stuff is going to do anything", but sure enough it totally kills the chlorine smell. The only ingredient listed is Vitamin C if I am not mistaken!!! Anyway just thought I would give them a shout out as I think they have a great product. Not sure about the rules on whether you can link to a product page or not, but you all can operate Google I am sure so if you want some look them up.
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