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February 11, 2015

Green Hair, Swimmer’s Hair, Swimmer’s Hair Care, and Swimmer’s Shampoo —

Swimmer’s Hair – According to the Urban Dictionary, Swimmer’s Hair is “Extremely dry and damaged hair due to continuous exposure to chlorine and extended hours in the pool. Sometimes even green because of the chlorine.”

The term “swimmer’s hair” is often used to describe any bad effect on hair that happens after swimming.  Unfortunately that usage can be confusing because it combines several different chemical effects.

The dry, damaged, brittle, bleached, “dead” feeling is caused by chlorine reacting with the hair.  Pool chlorine is the same thing as bleach (think Clorox), so you should expect similar effects.  Notably the pool chlorine is less concentrated, so the bleaching isn’t as fast or dramatic.  Nevertheless, you should note the similarities in smell and effect – you smell like bleach and your hair gets lighter.  That’s because you pool chlorine is bleaching your hair.

The green hair color comes from copper depositing in your hair.  When pool water contains copper, that copper can become oxidized by the pool chlorine to make copper (II) chloride dihydrate, which sticks to your hair and makes it green.  Take a look at the photo of this chemical isolated in a vial — note the color similarity between this chemical and swimmer’s hair, i.e,. green hair.

Fortunately both the damage and the green color can be mitigated by preventing chlorine’s oxidizing effects.  The best way to prevent chlorine’s oxidizing effects is to apply a concentrated antioxidant in the shower when you are done swimming.  Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) is a great antioxidant.  Here’s how to get chlorine out of your hair. See also SwimSpray’s video instructions.

Note: you do NOT need a “swimmer’s shampoo.”  Those shampoos are full of ingredients for lathering, color, fragrance, etc.. But they fail to provide enough of the ingredient that you need: a powerful antioxidant. 

This is why we invented SwimSprayOther “swimmer’s shampoos” do not work.  As surprising as it sounds, all swimmers shampoos fail to provide enough of the ingredient that you need.  SwimSpray is the first product to provide you with a concentrated, pH-balanced solution of vitamin C in purified water.  It provides a concentrated blast of exactly what you need (vitamin C) and nothing that you don’t (all those other ingredients).  It works. You will notice the difference the very first time you use it because you won’t smell like chlorine.

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